Memon Association of Canada

The following individuals were elected for the 2019 - 2020 term for the Memon Association of Canada.

Mohammad Ashfaq - President
Ahmed Yousuf German - V . President
Aamer Merchant - Secretary
Afzal Yousuf - J. Secretary
Altaf Khandwala - Treasurer

Executive Board Members
Abdul Ghani
Abdul Rauf Ahmed
Ashfaq Razzak Abbal
Ashraf Adamjee
Farooq Ismail
Haris Memon ( Hanif )
Imran Abdullah
Jaffer Younus
Naeem Khiyani


Assalam O'Alaikum
The Memon Association is pleased to announce the function of Eid Milad un Nabi program/dinner on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at 7:00 pm.
The event will be held at Burnhamthrope Community Center in Mississauga.
Location: Burnhamthrope Community Center
Address: 1500 Gulleden Drive, Mississauga, ON L4X 2T7
Cost: The Dinner Cost for this program is FREE but you must reserve it through PayPal
(PayPal cost $1 per person)
The Community Center capacity is for 250 people. Once we reach the 250 total, we will not take any more reservations.
If you reserve a spot and don’t show up to the program, then we will charge you $35 per person.
Click here to pay:  PAYMENT
If anybody wants to recite a Naat or Qiraat or if anyone wants to participate in contributing towards this Eid Milad un Nabi program, please contact Mohammad Ashfaq

In order to make this or any future events successful, we would need sponsors therefore we highly encourage businessmen or Individuals to come forward and sponsor Memon Jamaat events and help us make them successful. If there is anyone who wishes to contribute to the Memon community and/or wishing to sponsor any event, please contact Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq at or call 647-889-9418.


Thank you to all of you who attended the Memon Association of Canada Eid ul Adha dinner on Saturday August 17th 2019.
Thank you Iqra Khalid MP and Kaleed Rasheed MPP and Natalia Kusendova MPP and A special thank you to the WMO NA President Bashir Akuli for joining us on this occasion.

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Assalam O'Alaikum,
We the Memons of Canada With profound sorrow and regret we have learnt the demise of Mrs. Jamila Idress Adam Bagsrawala today in Karachi, Pakistan.
Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.
We express our heartfelt condolences to all members of the family.
This was Allah's wish and we all have to submit to his will.
May Allah Subhanahu rest the departed soul in eternal peace, forgive her shortcomings and sins and grant her a place in Jannatul Firdous Ameen!

For Condolence please contact.
Mr & Mrs Iqbal Yousuf



Mac Program Details:

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WMO AGM 2019, Dubai, UAE

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WMO 2016 (preformance)
Total Donation received and Distribute worldwide.

Total Income US $ 5,888,525
Total Expenditure US $ 6,053,433

Surplus / Deficit US $ (167,907)
As of Dec 2016 total assests US $ 8,040,477

WMOPC (pakistan chapter) 2017 performance
Total Income and expenditure year 2017

Total Income RS 274,630,293
Total Expeniture RS 273,403,217
Surplus / Deficit RS 1,227,076


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    IMO ( International Memon Organization)

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    The Memons have their origins in the small towns and villages of Kutch, Gujarat and Kathiawad regions of pre-independent India.
    After the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, a large number of Memons migrated to Pakistan. Many preferred  to remain in India and a few gradually settled in other countries.


    The Memons are now spread all over the world. A large segment is in Pakistan and India while others are in U.K., U.S.A., Canada & other countries of Asia, Europe, Africa & the Middle East. Wherever they settled, the Memons have organized themselves into various Memon Jamats, just like those found in their ancestral towns, to solve many social problems at the local level. But in the present-day conditions, a strong need was felt to establish an international organization to bring the worldwide Memon community under one umbrella


    By the Grace of Allah (SWT), the World Memon Organization (WMO) was formally launched at the 2nd Memon International Convention held in Dubai on 30th/31st March 2002. This historic launch was witnessed by over 200 delegates from 19 countries of the world. This was indeed a unique milestone in the history of the entire Memon Community


    The mission of the World Memon Organization (WMO) is to act as the central Memon organization representing the Memon community throughout the world and to promote the advancement, upliftment, unity, welfare and well-being of Memons in the world in all aspects of life and at all times in accordance with and under the guidance of Islamic principles


    The WMO has been divided into seven regions or chapters to conduct its activities within the specific country or region. The seven Chapters are Pakistan, India, Africa, Europe, North America, Middle East and Far East.



    The Pakistan Chapter of the World Memon Organization is considered as the most active chapter.

    It has various schemes to provide housing to the shelter-less, financial assistance to needy school-going children, scholarships for higher education, micro finance loans to very small businesses, etc. It also has a very active Ladies Wing and Youth Wing.
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    Memon Businesses In Canada

    A.R. International
    Best Homes
    Concord Tavel
    Fentom Pharmacy
    Imperial Houseware Dist
    Unique Materializer

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